Systems Analyst - Haifa Branch  1984-1986

As an employee of the Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd.

Building Permit Frees System

I prepared analysis, design and instruction of programmer for the calculation of building permit fees. The system was up and running within 7 monthes and operated for 20 years.
I employed DFD ו-DSD techniques for the first time in the company. As part of the solution I coordinated the development of an online printing routine.
Upgrade and Implementation of Building Permit Enforcement System for the City of Tel Aviv.

In competition with other groups I won the contract to supply the system to the city of Tel Aviv.
For adaptation to the client many change were made to the programs. This project was delivered on-time and on-budget.
IT Master Plan for the City of Haifa

In cooperation with the mayors IT advisor and othe officials I prepared the "IT Master Plan" document.
Inception of Data Link Between the PC and MF on a WAN
I designed system and coordinated the work of a contractor team and in-house team for the construction of the system. Upon completion the system transfered water and time-keeping data over a remote network (WAN).
GIS - DIME System

I wrote routines (RPGII) and marketed the products to the City of Haifa. These included identifying corner addresses and measuring distances between intersections.
Business License Application

I wrote an application for issuing business licenses. This application was linked to the building permit enforcement system.

PC Expert Haifa Branch

I was place in charge of receiving and learning the new technology. I performed installations and training to company employees and later to clients.

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