M.L.Megama Ltd.

The Most Comprehensive Municipal Billing System on the Market


Megama offers municipalities a unique and quality system for assessment and billing.

The system is a product of thorough analysis and 30 years experience in the field.
Megama strives to fully automate the billing process.
Open to integration and data transfer with other municipal systems.

Object Oriented with a rich variety of data entities.
Built on the Magic program generator.


Moshe Leipnik - a past VP of LADPC Ltd.1 for development and a founding partner of Metropolinet Ltd.2.
Avi Maman - CEO of Shalem Municipal Services and former assessment and collection manager.
Moishe Kumove - former CIO for a number of municipalities and a project leader/sytem analyst for LADPC Ltd.1, presently an independent consultant.

1 - LADPC Ltd.: Local Authorities Data Processing Center.
2 - Metropolinet Ltd.: a subsidiary of the Malam Group.

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