IT Manager for the City of Kiryat Yam 1991-1998

As an employee of the Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd.

Circumstances: I was sent to Kiryat Yam to calm a crisis existing between the Company and the City.

Initiation of the IT Unit at City Hall

I formulated a plan for the installation of in house IT sevices including feasibility assessment and detailed plan.
Planning and supervision of istallation of a network (Decnet). Deployment of an independent central computer VAX/VMS.
Managing the New IT Unit

With the setup of the computer facility the was an intense need to train city employees and write applications.
I engaged 4 full-time employees for this purpose which was augmented with temporary help or staff from other units.
The unit performed training, suuport, facilitation of new systems, application development, maintenace of alarm, telephone, cellular services, setting up computer labs in scholls and a teacher training center.
Setup of the Purchasing Department

I was endowed with the task of setting up an acquisition, inventory and supply department. This included writing regulations, installing applications and hiring.
For this aim I engaged a consultancy firm which I directed and supervised.
Upgrade of Personnel Department

I installed a time-keeping system with a network of punch-in clocks.
Maximum use was made of the system to enforce proper work habits. I coordinated a consultant and city employees on the project.
System Maintenance

I maintained the central critical systems (servers, databases, programs, applications and network).
I wrote a booklet on VMS usage with a chapter on ADABAS database management. This booklet was in demand in the company and even found its way to other bodies.
Deployment of Computer Labs and Networks in th School System
from 1995 the schools were massively computerized and networked. This project demanded intense negotiation with suppliers and supervision of contractors.
Application DevelopmentDescription
Call Center (Access)

With the help of a programer I developed a "Call Center" application that suited the city's needs and saved the cost of an expensive proprietory system.
Help Desk and Acquisition (Access)

An application I initiated to track service calls and acquisitions. The system served 4 professionals dealing with computer, telephone and alarm repuests for service.
The system automatically sent orders by fax and prepared documents for approval and payment. The system allowed us to handle all calls without the engagement of clerical staff.
Archive (Access)
Together with a programmer I developed an appplication for archive management. Emphasis was placed on tracking document location and implemention document destruction procedures.
Assessment Discount Committee (Kalbo)
Together with a programmer I developed an appplication for tracking requests to the discount board.
Incoming Invoice Tracking (Kalbo)
I wrote a routine to track invoices to be approved in order to shorten time to payment.
ID Number Addition to Tax Roles

With the help of a programer I developed a systen to attach ID numbers of ratepayers to the assessments.

Web Site Development (Pascal/HTML) Together with temporary help (student) I wrote and published a rich and extensive web site.

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