Urban Geographer and Senior Statistician 1984-1986

Deputy Head of the Statistics Unit in the City of Haifa

Management and Routine

I assisted in directing 3 professional employees whose main task was monitoring city activity and producing a yearbook. I introduced data processing and a research standard for the unit. I drew up physical divisions of the city and geographical preparation for surveys.
Computerization and Application Development
I received a TI desktop computer and wrote statistical applications to run on it.
I also wrote PL/1 programs on a MF for population forecasting.
Haifa Street Data Interchange
I constructed an index translating various street symbols. This was used to amalgamate the property tax and water bills.

I brought from my previous employer the DIME GIS system. This was used for data analysis in a geographic context.
Update of Census Divisions
I coordinated the city's requests to the Bureau of Statistics for census area border changes.
Together with the head of the unit I published papers on population change and residential construction.

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