IT Manager for the City of Acre  2002-2005

As an employee of the Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd.

Coordination with the Prime Minister's Office

The City of Acre was singled out for special attention by the PM's office. I participated in a small team that decided on Acre's strategy and coordinated activity between the city and the PM's office.
Monitoring progress on joint projects.
Preparing visits including presentations for meetings with the PM, ministers and other dignitaries.
Hosting V.I.P.'s Investors and Funds
Preparation of presentations, printed matter and CDs for visitors and investors. During these visits I served as a translator and guide presenting the city's case.
Participation in Vision Team

Formulating a long range plan (vision) for Acre together with city officials, industry representatives and community leaders.
I also coordinated with a PR specialist for the publishing of the plan.
Access and VBS Application Development

I wrote an application for Human Resources Brokering.
I wrote applications augmementing LADPC legacy systems.
I wrote scripts for backup and other system tasks. I wrote various routines for the municipal elections.
8 Projects in 8 Schools in a One Year Timeframe

Planning and management of the purchase of 247 computers, the installation of network infrastructure, furniture and electrical work on 8 sites.
My responsibilities included negotiations with contractors, MOE and funders and on the other side coordination with the school staff (in both Jewish and Arab sectors.
System and Infrastructure Management

Responsibility for operation and maintenance of UNIX and NT servers running Adabas and SQL.
I added a LINUX sever running Apache and Samba for intranet and backup.
I employed one staff member to help with system and application support as well as an additional temporary employee.
Installation of a LINUX Sever and Internal Portal
As a personal initiative I setup and installed a LINUX server (Red Hat 7.3) running Apache for intranet and Samba for on-line backups. I also wrote the HTML pages for the site.
Local Elections 2003

I prepared Access applications for sending notices to voters for tallying results and calculating seats on the council. The results we projected online in the council chambers. I constructed an intricate Excel workbook for allocating committee seats among the parties thus facilitating the coalition agreement.

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