RoshPisgaShN (2K) RoshPisga-eShN (2K) Rosh Pisga Ltd.
(Mountain Top in Hebrew)

System Development and Consulting
Making IT Come Together


Information Systems must serve organizational needs.
We believe that thorough analysis, precise planning and design from an original point of view are the keys to successful IT development .
These principles must be applied within the framework of timetable and budget .
Our job is to make this vision work for your IT system.

About Us

Rosh Pisga Ltd. offers services in the fields: IT system implementation, economic analysis, surveys and training. The company was established in 2007 and already participated in a parking survey for the City of Tel Aviv. Rosh Pisga Ltd. was responsible for data quality control and statistical analysis of findings.


Statistical analysis of survey data.
IT training for municipal employees.
Consulting for the development of a building permit information application.
System requirements capture for a new innovative internet/cellular communication site.

Moishe Kumove is the owner and general manager of Rosh Pisga Ltd. he has 30 years of experience in the areas of developing and operating information systems, statistics, planning and lecturing on systems analysis.

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